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Follow these steps to create your wiki page:

  • Select New Page from the menu on the top left
    • Choose the name of your page carefully you cannot change it later.
    • You do not need to add tags
  • Paste your entire edited paper into your wiki page
  • SAVE
  • Include:
    • Title - in Bold
    • Only your first name
  • At the bottom of your page, create a line and paste your Works Cited
    • Select this button to create a line - line.png
  • SAVE
  • Create links to the sources in your Works Cited
    • Internal links are links to other pages in the wiki
    • External links are links to sources outside of the wiki
  • To Create Links
    • Highlight the word(s) you want to create a link to
    • Select the link buttonlink.png
    • Choose the internal or external link tab
    • For internal links you can choose the wiki page in the drop down menu
    • For external links you need to paste the web address (URL)
  • SAVE
  • Insert pictures using the picture iconimage.png
    • Select upload and find the file on your computer.
    • Place your cursor where you want the picture to appear on your wiki
    • Select upload
    • You can then select the alignment and add a caption - note: captions do not appear in edit mode. You must save to preview the caption.
    • You can also resize the images using the + and - buttons
  • To adjust the font color, type and size select the font button font.png
  • SAVE often

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