Eris: Daughter of Nyx and Sister to Ares

By: Alanna

Daughter of Nyx, mother of the Kakodaimones, and strife of war. Eris, goddess of discord; she enjoyed men’s pained calls in battle, and danced around the battle feild, always stopping to smell the blood. Now, we delve into Eris and her life.

Eris: goddess of discord and strife. Her brother was known as Ares, god of war. Did you know that she was the root of the Trojan War?. Being the goddess of discord, her angry aura was not company many liked to keep. She was not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, therefore, she sprung revenge. Eris threw a golden apple labeled "to the fairest" into the party. Three goddesses, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite bickered until Aphrodite told Paris, the judge, that she would give him the most beautiful woman in the world (Helen of Troy). Of course he chose her, leading to the Trojan War.
For every battle, you can blame Ares​. For every cry of pain, every drop of bloodshed, you can blame Eris. Eris commited the same number of acts as Ares and more. Even small disasters, like a street fight, Eris could be blamed. Her relish for blood was intense. Everything that is chaotic, or gory, yell at Eris. Truth is, if we were all Greeks, we would believe her fire still runs strong. Her fury exists in men and women alike. Everyone has a distributed part of her. No matter how calm someone may seem, they will blow up one day in a rage.
Some say she was repulsive, others say she was a terrible beauty, with raven wings, soaring. She started small, but reached her hand to the heavens with her feet still on the ground. She might have been average, dark hair, dark eyes, but beautiful wings that forgave nothing and no one. Eris bore 14 children- the Kakodaimones, “the evil spirits that which plagued mankind (Atsma, Page 2).” In Tartarus lived Ponos (Toil), Lethe (forgetfullness), Limos (starvation), Algea (pains), Hysmini (fighting), Makhai (battles), Phonoi (murders), Androktasiai (man-slaughter), Neikea (quarrels), Phesudo-logi (lies), Amphilogiai (disputes), Dysnomia (lawlessness), Ate (ruin), and Horkos (Oath).
Was Ares really Eris’s brother? Many sources say yes, but some say no, or that she was his sister in arms. Many believe she has two of her own parents and rose to the Olympians, but not exactly one of them. Through resources, I cannot determine whether she has her own parents or was daughter to Zeus.. She is known to be the daughter of Night, or Nyx in some tales.
So, is the daimone of strife too much for you to handle? Eris becomes what is in us all, hatred. We have the power to hate, but as she infiltrates our souls, the feeling becomes too great for us to handle, and we release it in a painful, physical way. Eris still lives in us all, although her time was much before ours, she is still here.
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