By Margaret

Calypso was an enchantress. She is known for enchanting men, but never being worshiped. Her island floats on the currants of the ocean. Calypso, the goddess of silence, and the daughter of the ocean is known for capturing sailors and keeping them on her island.
Calypso is known for being one of the main characters in the Odyssey. She keeps Odysseus captive in her home for seven years. Calypso is seen as a goddess that keeps men on her island for her own use. When Odysseus was on her island, she promised him immortality if he became her husband. He refused her offer and told her that all he wanted was to go home to Ithaca and see his wife. However she continues to keep him on her island and entertain him for seven years until Zeus comes and tells her to release him. She reluc
Ogygia at night
tantly obeys him. People see Calypso as a selfish goddess that only thinks of her own needs however the reason she kept Odysseus on her island was because she loved him and also because she was lonely. That Calypso is misunderstood. Anybody would be lonely if they had to stay on an island that they could never leave and that nobody wanted to come to.
Calypso is said to be the daughter of the titan Atlas. There is no information about her mother. She is said to have been killed after Calypso was born. She does not have any brothers however some people think that Circe might be her sister. This is not certain but is a possibility. The only children she is known to have are the children she had with Odysseus. Their names are Auson and Telegonus. They are said to live on Ogygia with their mother Calypso. Some people say she is the daughter of the sea; however she is not related to Poseidon in any way.

Many people view her as a bad goddess. She is known as an enchantress or seductress. She is depicted as having long brown hair and being tall. Normally she is said to be wearing a dress made out of threads of spider webs or nothing. She lives on the island of Ogygia in a cave by the sea. She is alone on Ogygia except for her nymph servants. She does not leave the island, which is the reason for her loneliness. She is sad and lonely because Athena made her release Odysseus. After keeping him captive on her island for seven years. Because of this she is viewed as a selfish goddess.
Calypso is mentioned in stories and is known by the Greeks. However, she is not worshiped in anyway. She has a spot on Olympus and is immortal. She is an enchantress and rules over her island Ogygia. She is the daughter of the titan Atlas. She does not have temples, or holidays in honor of her. However she is still considered a goddess.
Calypso, daughter of Atlas, and goddess of stillness, is portrayed as a bad, selfish goddess. When she kept Odysseus captive for seven years she gained a bad reputation. Men came to fear her, because she was known for ceeping men captive. She is shown in books and movies as the bad, evil character.

Calypso's cave

Ebsco Kalypso, Calypso